Sunday, November 25, 2012

60 Days of Salad - Days 17 to 21

Day 17 - Lentil, Roast Pumpkin, Feta and Rocket Salad
Recipe: Taste
I really liked this one. I've noticed a theme here - I like all the pumpkin ones!!

Day 18 - Salads from Veggie Mama 

Lentil Burger, and 5 salads. (Does that count as five separate salads??)
My favourites were the rice one and the one with pecans.
I hadn't been to Veggie Mama before, but it was awesome - keen to go again :)

Day 19 - Lemon, Chicken and Olive Salad 
Recipe: Taste
I really disliked this one - didn't even eat the leftovers, it was that bad!

Day 20: Roast Cherry Tomato and White Bean Salad 
Recipe: Taste
This one was pretty good! It had cheese and a roasted vegetable - awesome!!

Day 21 - Smoked chicken, mango and iceberg lettuce salad 
Recipe: Taste
So much salad! Yummy though!! 

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